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Realize automatic production of plastic extruder

Source: Writer: Date:2018-11-01 17:05:19 Click

According to the production characteristics of plastic extruder, the equipment developed specially for realizing automatic production of plastic extruder. In the aspects of saving manpower labor cost, improving the safety of manpower and equipment, maintaining production capacity, quality and process stability, etc.

Feeding zone of plastic extruder: the depth of groove of fixed screw groove is responsible for preheating, plastic solid conveying and pushing. The plastics must be allowed to melt at the end of the feed section - that is, to warm up to the melting point. The general length is: non-crystalline (AS, ABS, ps) about 48~58%L, crystalline (PA, POM, PE, PP, CA) about 48~58%L, glass fiber about 45~55%L.

Compression zone of plastic extruder: the depth of pinched screw groove tooth, which functions as melting, mixing, shearing compression and pressurizing exhaust of plastic raw material. The plastic will dissolve completely in this section and shrink in volume, so the degree of compression design is important. The general length is AS follows: non-crystallization (AS, ABS, PS) of about 25~35%L, crystallization (PA, POM, PE, PP, CA) of about 22~32%L, hyalinization of about 28~40%L, thermal sensitivity (PVC) of 100%L.

Metering zone of plastic extruder: screw groove is fixed in the depth of the groove. In addition to its main functions of mixing, conveying and metering, sufficient pressure must be provided to maintain uniform temperature of melting and steady flow of molten plastics. The general length is: non-crystallization (AS, ABS, PS) of about 15~58%L, crystallization (PA, POM, PE, PP, CA, etc.) of about 48~58%L, and vitrification of about 45~55%L.

Although the screw rod of plastic extruder can be distinguished according to its function or geometric appearance, in the actual plasticizing process, the functions of each section are overlapped, and it is difficult to distinguish the intervals. The research on plasticizing screw is mainly about improving shear mixing, improving uniform mixing, improving plasticizing ability and improving temperature uniformity of melt adhesive. When the tooth depth of feed segment is deeper, the conveying capacity is larger, but the torque required by screw rod is larger. The tooth depth of feed section is too shallow. When the tooth depth of the metering section is too deep, the compression ratio is insufficient and the required feeding force is large. Burns easily when too shallow. General tooth depth is about 0.03~0.07 times diameter of screw rod. Therefore, plastic plasticizing screw has the functions of conveying, melting, mixing, compression and measurement, and plays a very important role in plasticizing quality.

The characteristics of the plastic extruder are not only reflected in the appearance, but also changes in the daily processing of some abnormal production. The application of the plastic extruder prevents the occurrence of safety accidents, and also realizes the standard automation, making the intelligent artificial production into modern enterprise production automation. High labor cost, low efficiency, large waste of materials and difficulty in recruiting employees are all problems faced by enterprises. The application of plastic extruder is more reliable, safer and more stable. Of course, continuous work will bring more cost-effective production capacity to the company, which also greatly reduces the cost of production and makes the company more competitive.

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