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On the importance of pipe shear in PE pipe production line

Source: Writer: Date:2018-11-01 17:00:01 Click

The production process of PE pipe in production line, including shear quality, may affect its application in actual process. PE pipe shear is the basic process of manufacturing pipe parts, including pipe cutting, end sample punching, punching and cutting.

Compared with plate shear, pipe shear is a process of stamping processing and separation. Due to its shape (hollow section), compared with plate shear, the technological measures adopted in shear to prevent the pipe wall from being flattened are more complex. Meanwhile, higher requirements are put forward for mold design and manufacturing. Compared with machining cutting, pipe cutting is suitable for mass production due to its fast processing speed and high production efficiency. Therefore, it has a broad application prospect. However, due to the complexity of pipe cutting and machining and the immature technology, it is not widely applied in production.

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