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PMMA Sheet Production Line

PMMA Sheet Production Line


PMMA Sheet Production Line


—— Detailed Introduction


The PMMA sheet production line produced by Jiangsu Kingshine Plastic Machinery can continuously produce PMMA, PS, PP, PE, ABS, PC single layer and multi-layer PMMA acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet produced has a width of 2600mm or less, a thickness of 0.15- 10mm, and a light transmittance of 92% or more.Its products are widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, advertising, construction, environmental protection chemicals, sanitary ware and other fields.




Extruder: According to different materials, the exhaust type single-screw extruder is used. The screw adopts special mixing function and precise temperature control system to ensure high plasticization and high output and stable extrusion of plastic.


Temperature control ±1℃ can accurately control the plasticization process and the thickness of the sheet, flat plastic.


Change screen and mold: hydraulic quick change screen device ensures that the net change does not leak, change the net quickly and effectively; the mold selects different structure according to different materials, the hanger type die adopts double-throttle design of the number of pages, which is convenient to adjust the flow distribution evenly. The thickness of the extruded sheet is more precise.


Three-roll calender: According to the thickness of the plate, 45º inclined three-roller or vertical three-roller or horizontal three-roll calender can be choosed, three rollers’ temperature control are independent of each other, the roll gap can be adjusted freely, and the middle roll can be adjusted at an angle. The design ensures the calendering effect and the thickness uniformity ofthe board (sheet).


Plate thickness control uses screw adjustment and two-way adjustment of the pressure roller to accurately control thethickness of the sheet. The independently controlled roller temperature control system can precisely control the temperature of the roller and make the plate even and thick.


Cooling Roller Bracket: Configure the corresponding cooling guide roller for better cooling.It is also equipped with a trimming device to ensure the width and edge quality of the sheet.


Horizontal cutting machine: used for length cutting, cutting precision less than 2mm, using alloy blade or hard alloy saw blade, synchronous with the plate during cutting, thus ensuring the quality of the cut surface and the long-term smooth cutting action.


Winding machine: It adopts high-torque motor, friction winding, can adjust the speed and winding tension at will, and can also provide other forms of winding according to user needs.


Usage: Widely used in instruments, instrument parts, lamps, decoration, building materials, aircraft, auto parts, medicalequipment, craft products, electrical insulation materials, specimens, signs and all kinds of light industry, culture and education, daily necessities, etc.


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