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PE Sheet Production Line

PE Sheet Production Line


PE Sheet Production Line


—— Detailed Introduction


Production materials: This production line is suitable for the production of plastic sheet products such as PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, HIPS.




Production line composition: Plastic extruder, dry feeding system, head die, three-roll calender, cooling setting bracket, cutting device, tractor, cutting and shearing machine, conveyor stacking table, roller temperature regulation system , electric cabinets, etc.




Equipment advantages:


1. The automatic feeding and drying system ensures that the material is dry and ensures the quality of the product.


2.The screw barrel material is made of 38CrMOA1A high-quality nitrided steel, which is nitrided and sprayed with alloy on the surface.


3. The barrel heating system is equipped with an air cooling device to reduce temperature errors.


4. The gearbox is made of cast steel, the gear is made of alloy steel and is ground by grinding. The lubricant is equipped with an efficient water coling system.


5. The three-roller type is: upright, 45 inclined, horizontal for optional use.


6. The calender rolls use advanced processing techniques to ensure roller accuracy and the requirements for producing high quality plastic sheet products.


7. The cutting of the product adopts an automatic fixed length cutting device to ensure that the diagonal dimension of the sheet material is within 3 mm.


8. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and selected electronic control system to realize monotonous and group control linkage, and the control is precise, stable and reliable.


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